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Dinning Coffee Table Transformer

Author : on : Thursday, September 5, 2013 | at : 12:06 PM

models dining tables --- Instantly convert In the living room - the largest and most beautiful room in the house - always a pleasure to have lunch and dinner alone or in the company of friends looked into at the light .  But sit down with a bowl of soup on the couch simply unethical.  For meals in the living room , a special furniture - dining table rather cumbersome piece of furniture.  In order not to disturb the ergonomics living room, instead it is better to buy a coffee table , convertible dining .

dinning coffee table

The main advantage of the coffee table -transformer - it's compactness.  And the second is not less valuable asset - the ability to constructive change .  Coffee table -transformer can be traditionally put in front of a sofa or look for it a little "snout" at the window in the corner.


In the normal state table -transformer low, equipped with miniature tabletop. If necessary, in the two accounts can be turned into a full dining table -transformer , increasing the height of spreading apart or countertop. When choosing a dining table transformer should pay close attention to the mechanism of transformation. Cross-  folding table legs , the mechanism of gas - lift rotary table top - choose the model of table - transformer , which will be convenient for you to enjoy.


A design features give it an even greater originality : a table -transformer can be rectangular , round, square , legs or central pod stole. Made of lacquered furniture  or galvanized metal , table -transformer always looks important. After a day of intense pleasure to come by to play poker or solitaire , invite a friend to a game of chess.  In the club ride is not mandatory purchase card-table! For the living room - poster with abstraction.  And for the kitchen - murals of coffee cups , wine bottles.  Choose a model out of cardboard or wood poster, inlaid with mosaic.

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